February 18, 2017

Portrait of my Typography Cabinet in the Newspaper “Libération”. I designed on this occasion for “Libération” the title page on page 29, section “IMAGES”, overlapping the black layer of 4 recents projects.

April 5 2016

Newspaper Article on Ludovic Balland in LA LIBERTÉ, April 2 2016

April 5 2016

 Lecture at ECAL, April 7 2016


Ludovic will hold a lecture at the ECAL in Lausanne, at the Auditoire IKEA, Avenue du Temple 5, Renens, on April 7, at 8pm. 


March 8 2016

 Lecture at JAP, March 10 2016


Ludovic will hold a lecture at the JAP in Brussel, at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, 23 rue Ravenstein, 1000 Bruxelles on March 10, at 8 pm. 



March 8 2016

Most Beautiful Swiss Books

We are excited to announce that “30 ans à Paris” won Most Beautiful Swiss Books. This book was created for the 30th anniversary of the Centre culturel suisse in Paris. It presents a long conversation about the history of the CCS, a rich documentation and scripted timeline for the 30th anniversary of the CCS as well as a photographic journey made especially for the book by Ludovic Balland and Mathilde Agius. Edited by Centre culturel suisse and Editions Noir sur Blanc.

March 3 2016

BAK (Federal Office of Culture) awards one person, a group or a institution with the Jan-Tschichold-Award for outstanding achievements in book design since 1997. This year the winner of the award is Ludovic Balland. The jury found Balland had developed a unique graphic methodology, within different subjects like publishing, typography and academia. By contemporarily reformulating the thoughts of Basel School regarding formal and typographical research, he was able to combine the heritage of Basel School with current graphic design. Balland's book design provides a conclusive portrait of the architecture field in Switzerland now. His numerous monographs of renowned architects (such as Herzog & de Meuron, Buchner Bründner, Meili) as well as non-fiction books (Teaching and Research in Architecture) show a simultaneously ambitious and obsessive approach, that influenced book design beyond the swiss boarder.


December 10 2015

Antigel Festival 2016

Ludovic Balland is in charge of all print matters and design for the upcoming Antigel Festival in Geneva. The festival will held from 29th January to 14th Feburary 2016.

September 30 2015

30 years Centre Culturel Suisse à Paris

Ludovic Balland is going to be part of the discussion about the 30th anniversary of the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris on the RTS show La Puce à l'Oreille”. It is going to be broadcasted on Thursday, October 1, 9:15 pm.

May 8 2015

100th Anniversary of IOC

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) is celebrating its 100th anniversary in Lausanne. On this occasion ECAL was requested by the city of Lausanne and by the committee to design a commemorative poster. The competition was part of a workshop held by Ludovic Balland and lasted one week.

The winner is Giacomo Bastianelli. His poster plays on different leyers of legibility. The shown drapery makes one think of sporting dress, could be the Olympic flag or even topographic contours. The coloring in silver supports or yet increases these aspects.

International Poster Festival in Chaumont

Check out the 26th edition of the poster and graphic design festival in Chaumont from May 27 to June 14 which includes the Exhibition of the 2015 international poster competition.

Ludovic was part of the jury and will show his work for Bildrausch Basel at the exhibition. His entry presents the development of the logotype and the posters from 2011 to 2015.


Once again we are happy to be part of the annual film festival Bildrausch, which is taking place in Basel from May 27 till 31. Like every year we designed the visual identity such as posters, flyers and program brochures. It’s totally worth it to check out their exciting program here.

Documenta 14

Ludovic will be part of the team of the Documenta 14, which take place in summer 2017. We are looking forward to provide the reader for one of the largest and most highly regarding exhibition of contemporary art in the world.

Day After Reading Issue N°2

Ludovic was teaching at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) near Los Angeles from January 22 to 27. During a workshop the second issue of the “Day After Reading” newspaper was developed with students. Five selected protagonists of Valencia (CA) were interviewed about what they have read in the news the day before. The project deals with how people remember information perceived in the daily media and aims to find out about personal reading habits. Everyday output is be published online. So check out on www.dar-news.com and also inform.design.calarts.edu.

Festival Chaumont

Ludovic will be part of the Jury at the international poster competition of Chaumont design graphique. The point of the competition is not so much an individual act of competing but rather a collective construction of a contemporary culture of graphic design. There is also a great festival behind it that features exhibitions, workshops, symposiums and much more. So be part of it! The registration is now open until the entry deadline, which is on February 9 2015 and can be made here.

Students, all to Chaumont. There is also a student competition, which is also a good chance for students to share their work.

Festival Anitgel 2015

The music and dance festival will take place from January 23 to March 7. We have provided the visual communication for the festival including logo design, posters, flyers, leaflet an so on. Check out the great line-up and watch out for the posters hanging around Geneva.

100 Jahre Schweizer Grafik

Finally following the 2012 exhibtion at the “Museum für Gestaltung Zürich”, “100 Jahre Schweizer Grafik” is out now as a catalogue. In best company Ludovic is presented on some striking spreads designed by Zürich colleagues Norm. Purchase the book here and also check out the constant exhibition at Schaudepot at the newly opened "Toni Areal" in Zürich.

Lectures in Boston and Berlin

Ludovic will give a workshop at Universität der Künste Berlin end of October. Begining with a lecture on October 28 at the Medienhaus he will be teaching for three days.

Check all infos on the Medienhaus website.

Next stop is across the ocean: as part of the “Excellent Swiss Design” exhibtion at Bakalar & Paine Gallery in Boston Ludovic will join a panel discussion with fellow Swiss designers on November 6. He will also give a lecture on challenges for todays book design and editing at Mass Art College. Check the Swissnex Boston website for further infos and register for the events.

Swiss Art Awards catalogue 2014

Like in the last two years we designed the Swiss Art Awards catalogue. It is freshly printed and will be published together with the coming issue of Kunstbulletin magazine.

Design 360° Magazine

Chinese magazine Design 360° features Ludovics work. The issue devoted to “designer’s typeface” shows our poster design for “Warsaw Under Construction”, “Bildrausch Filmfestival” and a “Stanley” specimen.

Symposium – 100 Jahre Emil Ruder

Honoring Emil Ruder, his work and influence the Hochschule für Gestaltung Basel is hosting a symposium with talks and an exhibition on Friday September 19. Ludovic Balland will be present and give a lecture on the topic of “Typographie als System – Typographie als Text – Typographie als Bild” starting at 3:45 pm. Find all infos, the whole schedule and register for tickets here.

Swiss Art Awards 2014

Basel art summer is about to start! As one of the highlights the Swiss Art Awards open early from June 17. Like in the past two years we provided a distinct public visibility. Posters, invitations, adverts and flags are turned up. Join the opening on June 16, 6 pm at Messeplatz, Hall 4. More info in the journal.

Bildrausch Filmfestival Opening

Our long-time client “Stadtkino Basel” invites to it’s annual filmfestival “Bildrausch” May 28 to June 1. Like in the past years we are glad to have contributed public visuals like posters and programme brochures. Have a look at their exceptional film selection on their website and watch out for one of three “Bildrausch” posters around the city of Basel.

Eva Afuhs Monograph printed

The book “Eva Afuhs – Windwürfel” containing the whole diversitiy of works by artist, curator and cultural manager Eva Afuhs has finally been printed. It will be presented to the public at a launch event at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich on May 15. Edited by Marcel Meili, Martin Heller and Frank Zierau the publication is posthumously published by Scheidegger & Spiess.

Recent work in “Form Magazine” and “Slanted”

In connection with a focus on the Swiss design scene “Form Magazine” features an article about our studio. Read about Ludovic Ballands approach and recent projects “The Day After Reading” and the “TagesWoche” redesign in the current issue which is in stores now.

Also “Form Magazine” writes about our latest printed book “Swiss Lessons” online. Check their website.

Even more publicity: The upcoming issue of “Slanted Magazine” also points out Swiss design studios and personalities. Get an impression of their visit at our studio on their blog and watch out for the new issue coming out early May.

Redesign “Tages Woche”, first issue on March 28 2014

The work on the redesign of the Basel-based newspaper “Tages Woche” is almost done, on March 28 the first issue will be published!

Read about it in the “Tages Woche”.

“Swiss Lessons” book launch, March 18 2014

The book launch for the new book by Harry Gugger for laba, EPFL will be held in the laba Seminar Raum at the Ackermannshof, St. Johanns-Vorstadt 19–21, 4056 Basel. 

How will 14 million people be living and working in Switzerland in 2048? “Swiss Lessons”, sequel to Barents Lessons”, presents the findings of laba’s research on the Swiss territory as imagined for 2048 in texts, images, graphics and maps.

Best Book Design from all over the World 2014

We are very excited to announce that Buchner Bründler Buildings” won the Gold medal for: Best Book Design from all over the World 2014!

The award ceremony will be held at the Leipzig Book Fair on March 14.

“Swiss Lessons” printed

The new book by Harry Gugger for laba, EPFL has just been printed. “Swiss Lessons” presents laba’s topical research campaign on how 14 million people will be living and working in Switzerland in 2048. The sequel of Barents Lessons” is published by Scheidegger & Spiess – book launch will be in early March.

Redesign Newspaper “Tages Woche” 

We are excited to announce that we won the competion for the redesign of Basel-based newspaper “Tages Woche”. First issue with new format, structure and typography will be out in April 2014. Looking forward!

Day After Reading – Newspaper

The editorial project “The Day After Reading” is created by Ludovic Balland, as part of the “All Possible Futures” exhibition running January 14 to February 13 2014 at SOMArts Gallery in San Francisco, California. This project deals with how people remember information perceived in the daily media and aims to find out about personal reading habits. It illustrates remembered “leftovers” of the everyday consume of newspapers and visualises individual processing of published, written “facts”. One San Francisco personality was interviewed on each of the first seven days of the exhibition. Seven people were asked about their impressions and what details they remember from all of the news they had read the day before. The memories of the people portrayed were recorded and directly transcribed. The transcript served as the material to design and typeset one individual newspaper page to be printed on a large-scale format the very same day. Each of these pages were put on display at the exhibition venue the next morning, creating a series of seven different pages, which evolved during a oneweek period. This eight-page newspaper has been printed and distributed in San Francisco. Each page presents one personal view of San Francisco readers and illustrates their perception of everyday media. The layout structure in five parts allows for the comparison of memories about stories, visual details, and advertisements, as well as individual reading practices and personal contexts. A documentation about readers.

The idea is to continue this project in other cities and to create each time another issue of the newspaper.

Visit the website for this project and order your own collector’s edition of the newspaper! It will be online from February.

Lecture at Centre Culturel Suisse, January 30 2014

Ludovic will hold a lecture at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris, on January 30, at 8 pm. Free entrance!

“Integrated”, October 24 to 25 2013

Ludovic will hold a lecture at the International Art & Design Conference Integrated” in Antwerp, on October 24.

Design Prize Switzerland 2013/2014

We are nominated with “Architecture Books” for the Design Prize Switzerland!

Comments by the Nominators:

Each individual book has been carefully designed to a high standard. The books are notable or the typographical expertise shown and the sensitivity towards the architectural content. Taken together, they add up to a unity in diversity. With their command of formal and aesthetic aspects, the overall concept and the technology, and the fruitful interaction of all these factors, they are an outstanding performance in the field of book design.

German Design Award 2014

We have just learned that Barents Lessons” is nominated for the German Design Award 2014!

The Most Beautiful German Books 2013

We are very happy to inform you that Buchner Bründler Buildings”, Barents Lessons” and Christ & Gantenbein, Typology Review N°2” are part of the 25 Most Beautiful German Books 2013. Read the lovely statements the jury wrote about our books!

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012

We are very pleased to tell you that Barents Lessons” is one of The Most Beautiful Swiss Books of the year 2012 (awarded in January 2013). From June 27 to 30 2013, The Most Beautiful Swiss Books” will be exhibited at the Helmhaus Zürich, alongside the simultaneous publication of the catalogue showcasing the competition.

Typo/Design Symposium at FH Dortmund, June 20 2013

Ludovic will hold a lecture at the Typo/Design Symposium in Dortmund, on June 20.

International Poster and Graphic design Festival of Chaumont, May 25 to June 10 2013

Ludovics work for the “Theater Basel” has been chosen for the “PANORAMA” exhibition at the Festival in Chaumont. The Opening is on May 24.

Dialog der Schrift, May 23 to 25 2013

Ludovic will hold a lecture “Lay-in” at the Symposium Dialog der Schrift” in Kiel, on May 24, 12 am. Layouting is staging. You put different protagonists in a defined space and make certain Information more or less visible. The layout puts the content in a sequence and defines the reading rhythm, it influences the memories you have of a book. These aspects will be analyzed and discussed by looking at several Bookprojects.

Typo San Francisco, April 2013

Ludovic will hold a lecture at the TYPO SAN FRANCISCO on April 12, 10 am. The lecture “The Modern Man Thinks in Contrasts” will confront some typographic works with their surroundings. Typography in use needs to be in relation to it’s context, it needs to make a contrast and to affect the urban landscape, in order to stay visible and to be remembered. “Thinking in terms of contrasts is not a confused way of thinking”.

Workshop in Milano

“Printed Talks in the City” was a 8 day workshop at the “Swiss Institute” in Milano, in November 2012, lead by Ludovic Balland and Emmanuel Crivelli. We printed 10 posters, based on an interview with the famous printer and editor Pizzi, about the situation in printing today. The posters were printed on a hand-type machine.The vernissage of the workshop is on January 21 2013 at the “Swiss Institute” in Milano.

Buchner Bründler Monograph out now

“Buchner Bründler Buildings”, the first monograph of Basel based architects Daniel Buchner and Andreas Bründler, is out now! Published by GTA, available in English and German.