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Voyage is a commissioned work by Centre culturel suisse in Paris, realized by Ludovic Balland in which he envisioned and designed a photographic project especially for the book  “30 ans à paris”. The commission was to take portraits of 30 swiss artists from over the past 30 years, to be exhibited at the Centre Cultural Suisse in Paris. The photographic concept Balland proposed and was able to carry out documented not only the artists themselves, but also the journey to visit them all over the world: at their atelier, their home, the spaces they performed or where they created their art. Ludovic Balland invited Mathilde Agius to photographs the portraits, while he focused more on the context and journey pictures. By documenting these in the context while traveling, the images in the book create a sort of imaginary world in which there is no border anymore and in which the reader can feel a physical closeness to the people. The portrait itself becomes a punctuation to move somewhere else.