9. Bildrausch Filmfest Basel 


General informations



"Cinema as a survey of the world, film as a topography of our lives. The 9th edition of Bildrausch takes us into the midst of the vibrating topics of class, identity and gender, explores the landscapes of our souls and the landfills of history, and charts a freehand map of reality. Special attention is given to the documentary genre."

The "BR" logo becomes a "film map", which results from the anchor points of all the films shown, the connections between these forms the logo in each case anew. The poster campaign consists of 3 main motifs (films). 

The visual identity for the annual Bildrausch Filmfestival in Basel includes logo, posters, flyer, program brochure, adverts, and more.

The logo design is a merge of the letters “B” and “R”, inspired by moving image sequences and cinema related vintage graphic design. Each year the large scaled logo is complemented with a new, distinct image concept.