Theater Basel Saisonvorschau 2012/2013

Saisonvorschau + Saisongespräch «Happy days in Basel»


General informations


Technical informations



Designed as a diary, the season-preview of the Theater Basel presents all seasons’s premiers as well as general information on the theater. This information faces a conversation in form of a facebook sitcom edited by Ed Fornieles and Max Luz which is called “Happy Days in Basel”.

The reader is invited to follow both contents parallel which may lead to surprising collissions. While the theater track goes on for one season (10 months from september 2012 to june 2013), the facebook sitcom runs only 3 weeks. So the left pages, dedicated to the facebook sitcom, follow another timeline than the ones of the Theater Basel. The exciting feature is the interaction of the two narrations: The pages on the theater are naturally descriptive and focused on information while the facebook sitcom mixes (in the end) fiction and reality.

Although the layout of the sitcom-conversation follows other rules, the same grid and typeface is used for the whole book. For the theater pages, we designed and used some visual elements in order to structure the content. This new set of forms is also used for poster and other medias. It is part of our re-design for the communication of the Theater Basel. The typeface “Theater Basel” is a new font based on an older typewriter source, named “Jury-Regular”. Keeping the geometric forms of the typewriter enables us to generate an unexpected rhythm and a strong visual structure of the text once composed. The new font of the Theater Basel is used for every media.