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The programme for Stadtkino Basel includes the timetable for all films as well as two essays on the subject, a summary of each film and corresponding photos or images. In order to organise the different information, we propose the programme in two parts: The first part provides the film calendar. Each spread gives an overview of the week. The calendar is divided into two columns flanking the spread. These columns are perforated which enables readers to remove the pages they are interested in and to put them into their agenda or wallet. In the second part, the films are listed according to the two monthly themes. The essays on the themes, a summary of each film, its technical data and the schedule can also be found. The two parts of the programme are interactive. The idea is to offer the readers three different ways of choosing their film. They can either be tempted by the full-sized images, browse and select via the calender or discover interesting topics by browsing the programme.